sunny wong dance union
sunny wong dance union
sunny wong dance union
Sunny Wong  黃國榮

Dance Union was found in 2007 by renowned dance director, Sunny Wong. The former company is Sunny Wong Dance School. It renamed to Dance Union in 2012. The members of the shareholder include Sunnico, Sun Entertainment Culture Limited and Coconut Production. Dance Union dedicated in dance education and promote of dancing culture. It cultivate the dance-related talents of new generation. Moreover, it offers professional services such as choreography and dance performance for all reputable organisations. Dance Union has successfully trained substantial professional dancer which are active in different fields of the dancing industry. At the same time, Dance Union has produced numerous marvelous dance performances under the effort of the choreographers and dancers. It is undoubtedly add splendor in the industry. Now, Dance Union has already become one of the most large-scale dancing school. Students who are attending have exceeded 1000.

Sunny Wong  Major Production Display

溫拿 Never Say Goodbye 演唱會 2016
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梁靜茹你的名字是愛情世界巡迴演唱會 2016
徐小鳳演唱會 2016
天貓雙11狂歡夜 - 李玟

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