sunny wong dance union
sunny wong dance union

Performance Invitations

Charity teaching

Concert / Music

Principal of Dance Union Sunny Wong have been engaged in dance-related work for over 30 years. He always is the dedicated choreography of substantial well-known celebrities. His subordinate choreographers also possess years of choreography experience with glorious sense for concert stage and dance. Thus, Dance Union is the popular cooperative partner for concert choreography all the time. Recent concert-related works of Dance Union included:
Aaron Kwok de Aa Kode World Tour Live in Concert 2016 Always Andy Lau World Tour Concert Alan Tam 40th Anniversary World Tour Concert Coco Lee East2West World Tour Concert Kelly Chen Let’s Celebrate! World Tour Concert Miriam Yeung Let’ Begin World Tour Concert 2015 Stefanie Sun’s Kepler Would Tour Concert Alan & Hacken 10th Anniversary World tour Concert Fish Leong World Tour Concert Paula Tsui Would Tour Concert Sam Hui Would Tour Concert

Advertisement/ MV

Both advertisement and MV require certain eye-catching visual effects in order to attract the audience. Hence, the splendid choreography becomes one of the selling points of the advertisement and MV. Dance Union is able to display the gimmicky visual effects in choreography, and simultaneously maintain the attractiveness of the uniform dance movement in response to the needs of clients and advertiser. It immensely intensifies the viewing point of the advertisement and MV, which become the temporary trending topic and elevate the click-through rate.
Recent Advertisers of Dance Union: Canon IXUS, The White Flower Embrocation, Pepsi, Ocean Park Halloween, Calbee and Now TV etc. The MV had been Dance Union The recent MV by Dance Union: ‘Jiu Shi Sun Wu Kong’ by Aaron Kwok, 《舞底線》Momo Wu, “ Let’s Celebrate” by Kelly Chen, ‘Featuring Taboo’ by Miriam Yeung,《與華麗有 約》 EEG Music,《叩叩》Coco Lee etc.

Commercial Performance

Dance Union have devoted to adults and children dance tutorial and successful cultivate an array of distinctive dancer. Meanwhile, all choreographers and tutors of Dance Union are rich in choreography experience which become the most satisfactory target for dance performance collaboration among the dance industry. Dance Union is able to organize a wide variety of dancing events for you, including performances, courses, contest and workshops etc. Furthermore, we could brainstorm the engaging and indelible dance performances and events which suit diverse theme and requirements by means of years of experience.

Charity Event

Dance Union@Sunny Wong is not only enthusiastic in dance teaching, but take prompt action to cultivate the next generation. We spare no effort to help the organization in need. In other words, we are willing to give a help hand regarding to the dance performance invitation from various charity groups that allow us to bring some contributions for charity. For the sake of establishing a more illustrious community, Dance Union continuously maintain the pleasant relationship with various charity groups for years. It includes International World Vision, Orbis, Children's Thalassaemia Foundation, Hong Kong Vision Project, HKSPCA, The Society for the Relief of Disabled Children, Otic Foundation etc.

Dance Union 跳舞表演 舞蹈演出 常見問題

  • 籌備商業舞蹈活動需時大約多久?
  • 如果想找 Dance Union 為我作廣告或MV舞蹈編排,可以怎樣做?
如果想找 Dance Union 為我作廣告或MV舞蹈編排,可以致電我們商討,讓我們了解一下你的廣告或MV內容,我們會提供舞蹈編排建議及報價。 
  • Dance Union 的廣告或MV舞蹈編排服務收費多少?
Dance Union 的廣告或MV舞蹈編排服務收費會因應不同項目而有所不同,我們必須了解廣告或MV內容才能提供收費詳情。