sunny wong dance union
sunny wong dance union

Venue Renting

Over-thousands feet of dance studio and concert-based audio equipment

Dance Union located in Central part of North Point in Hong Kong Island. There are a host of restaurants and shops nearby. It is near MTR station and has comprehensive bus network, so it is convenient for transportation.
We have nearly 10000 feet of space. Among these, dance room occupies over 4000 feet. Our floor makes use of particular flexible planks which are able to slash the resistant force between the body and the floor in order to lower the possibility of being hurt. The audio system is make use of professional concert equipment that satisfy the music quality seeking from the public. Our studio also set up movable high-pitch sound insulation panels. Hence, renters could adjust the venue size depending the event requirement. Our studio has self-service water machine, private bathroom with dryers. Renters are required to bring their own towel and bathing products.

Large dance room

Capacity: 60 pp

Medium dance room

Capacity: 40 pp

Small dance room

Capacity: 20 pp