sunny wong dance union
sunny wong dance union

Introduction of Dance Beginner Program

Apparently, dancing requires entire body movements. It is not only beneficial for our body and health, but also cultivating for positive attitude. Numerous people are incredibly interested in dancing and even talented. However, they lack the dancing foundation and do not recognise where to begin their dance journey. Regarding their issue, the junior dancing class of Dance Union is a terrific starting point for dance learning. The beginner class allows students with no dancing experience to learn from the basic steps and rhythm. Subsequently, speeding up the dance rhythm and enhancing the degree of movement difficulty. It is undoubtedly suitable for people who have no dance experience or beginners to join. The junior dancing program insanely places value on training students with foundation and sense of rhythm that is extremely vital for escalating to advance class and additionally it facilitates students to learn distinct style of dance. Even though the junior class is choreographed and taught by experted tutors, the fee is reasonable which is affordable for most of the people. Accordingly, people who interested in dancing would participate the junior dance program of Dance Union that is immensely beneficial for their future dance journey

Welcome to Join the Junior Dance Program in Old Age

A host of people just start planning to dance when getting old. Meanwhile, they are scared that age would be the obstacle of learning dance. Nevertheless, having this anxiety is ordinary as dancers mostly have learn dance at early age. Therefore,they have already established certain dancing foundation. It causes older people who just begin to dance would be agitated about comparing with other students. The junior class of Dance Union has no limitation on age as long as students are passionate about dance learning. We would adjust the class depending on the level of each students. In other words, students with similar level would arrange in the same class layer so that they could learn the most suitable contents and get the most enormous acquaintance and improvement. Dance Union has had an array of elder age students who just learn dancing. All of them could successfully overcome their obstacles they had before. They not only improve their dancing techniques, but also pleasure their gratification in dancing. The tutors of the junior dancing programs are willing to communicate patiently with the students. Besides sharing their experience and rewards, they would also share the fascinating story and what they have heard and see in the dance industry. Furthermore, they would provide practical opinions for any enquiries. Indeed, taking the first step willingly is the most paramount thing. Come and sign up for the junior dance program of Dance Union to unfold the astonishing dance journey.

Learning Item in the Junior Dance Program

Everything creates from the basic so it is obligatory to strengthen the foundation for better ability. Undeniably, dancing is not an exception that dance beginners are essential to start from foundation training. The junior class of Dance Union exactly allows students to build up their foundation for upgrading to the advanced movement level in the next step. In Dance Union, students are able to acquire the skills of basic movement, dancing techniques, dancing theory, sense of rhythm and beat. After familiarising the simple steps, students could try to dance with music and beats. Since dancing progress requires long-term and unceasing training. Junior dance tutors would design disparate practice in order to boost the body coordination of students. When dancing techniques of students reach a particular stage, tutors would choreograph simple and stylish dance movements for them. As a result, students could further grasp and meliorate the dancing skills.

Common enquiries of Junior dancing program