sunny wong dance union
sunny wong dance union

Dancing Class and Dancing Lessons as a Trend

In Hong Kong, as well as everywhere else in the world, dancing has always been popular. As we defeat the coronavirus, social isolation has allowed us to discover new pastimes like joining dancing class. While some of us are binge-watching Netflix programs or practising trendy dances, others are rummaging through our pantries to bake. Learn some dance skills by participating in dancing class and dancing lessons in Hong Kong. Now that you have all the time in the world and help us feel better by dancing!

Benefits of Dancing Class Hong Kong

1. Dancing Class Hong Kong can Strengthen Fitness

Dancing is a terrific form of exercise and developing a love of dancing at a young age can help drive children to remain active as they grow into adults. Dance courses can help your child improve his or her flexibility, range of motion, physical strength, and stamina. Improved development in these areas can aid youngsters in sports and other activities at school and beyond, in addition to promoting general health.

2. Dancing Lessons can Encourage Emotional Development

When your child discovers the joy in dancing, he or she learns about expressing themselves in a way that is both physical and mental health beneficial. This expression offers an organised avenue for healthy physical and emotional release, which aids in the development of emotional maturity. Giving youngsters the ability to express their emotions and energy in a secure setting can considerably boost their self-esteem and confidence. In other words, both physical and psychological well-being can be enhanced.

3. Dancing Class Hong Kong can Enhance Social Skills

Dance is an extremely sociable exercise. Children learn how to operate as part of a team, develop a deeper sense of trust and collaboration, and make new friends in a dancing class. Children connect with other dancers in the class during each lesson and, more often than not, form lifetime friendships with those dancers. Dance pals are friends for life!

4. Dancing Lessons can Encourages Creativity

Dance, regardless of style, allows youngsters to be more creative and express themselves in a variety of ways. Children learn to trust, form productive relationships, and think critically by stimulating their creativity and imagination. Early childhood is the finest time to foster creativity, and creative problem solving will benefit your child for the rest of his or her life.

Dancing Class in Hong Kong

Indeed, there are many dance studios offering a wide range of dancing classes in Hong Kong, but all parents wish to have the best for their children. But, among all the dance studios, what makes Dance Union stand out is the well-designed program.

Free Trial Dancing Class Hong Kong

Dance Union offers different dance courses for people at varied ages. However, for those who have not learned dancing before, they might not know which type of dancing they would enjoy. Out of this consideration, we offer trial lessons for students who have not attended our class before, so that they can each figure out what they are truly passionate about and interested in. Dance Union is definitely student-oriented, we strive to ensure that students are enjoying having dance lessons here.

Professional Guidance for Dancing Lessons

Sunny Wong, the founder of Dance Union, is a renowned dance director in Hong Kong. He has over 30 years of experience in the dancing industry. All the courses, from the design to execution, are supervised by him. Moreover, the teachers at Dance Union are well-trained dancers with years of experience in dance education. They can surely provide the most professional and proper guidance to students, making sure they can benefit from the courses.

Public Performing Opportunities after Dancing Lessons

As mentioned, the founder and shareholders, as well as the teachers have years of experience in the industry. Therefore, students at Dance Union can always have the opportunity to perform in public events or areas, such as shopping centres, radio programs, TV programs, media events, institutional events, charity activities and concerts at Hong Kong Coliseum etc. With the experience, it would help students to gain confidence in public performing.

Strict Assessment

Dance Union

You might have once liked dancing but lost interest in it, or you might have always wanted to practice dancing but have never started. You can reignite your enthusiasm and explore your interests at Dance Union. Dance Union is committed to providing students the finest learning experience. We provide a comprehensive progressive training program for adult students of different backgrounds and capacities to ensure that they can gain from the lessons. We provide lessons at various levels to encourage students in developing a strong foundation and perfecting their dance moves.

In addition to just being a well-equipped studio for passionate dancers to hone their dancing skills, Dance Union offers aspirant students a platform to develop their skills and push themselves beyond their limits.

We believe, with the hard work done by us, more and more students could find out their true passion as well as shine on their own paths.  We will continue our work to help them discover their potential and improve their capabilities.

Dance Lessons, Dancing Class Hong Kong - FAQs

The answer is yes. The design of each course, including the teaching, are all well-planned. Our teachers with years of experience will provide enough guidance and assistance to each student to ensure that they each have their takeaways from dance lessons. In addition, parents can observe them through the single-reflected mirrors set up in all Dance Rooms to monitor the learning progress of their children. Therefore, the learning experience and quality are guaranteed.

At this moment, there is only a physical store at North Point for Dance Union. But we are always looking for opportunities to expand. We will surely inform our supporters if there is any good news. See our website for the latest updates, thank you!

There is a wide range of selection at the Dance Union, for example, the Video Open Class, as well as the Children Dance and Talent Training Program. We provide different course selections to students, making sure that they can find their own interests and develop their passion towards dancing.

Yes. We understand that dancing might not be suitable for all people, so we offer trial lessons for students who have not attended our class before. Dance Union is student-oriented, we strive to ensure that students are enjoying having dance lessons here.

Each student would be given the opportunity to perform publicly given that they pass the dance examination. We guarantee our students to receive performance invitations for public events or TV programs three times a year.

Whether or not you consider yourself coordinated, there's something empowering about moving your arms and legs in different directions. You can try out a range of Hong Kong dance lessons at Dance Union. Ballet, Urban Dance, and Bollywood are just a few examples. So go check our course, leave your anxiety at the door, and have a good time. Contact us for advice in choosing the best one for you!