sunny wong dance union
sunny wong dance union

Dance culture and art promotion

Dance culture merge charity work

Dance Union is not only good at stage performance, but also spare no effort on charity event. We accept dance performance invitations from various kinds of charity organizations in order to cheer and support. It allows the philosophy of being helpful to spread more fast and further that achieves the goal of charity contribution.

慈善義演 貢獻社會

多年來 Dance Union 一直與各大慈善團體保持良好關係,為建構更美好的社會共同出力,他們包括:世界宣明會、奧比斯、地中海貧血兒童基金、香港願景、愛護動物協會、香港弱能兒童護助會、奧迪慈善基金等等。

Cultural Continuity and Up-to-dated

Dance Union@Sunny Wong is not only enthusiastic in dance teaching, but take prompt action to cultivate the next generation. We spare no effort to help the organisation in need. In other words, we are willing to give a help hand regarding to the dance performance invitation from various charity groups that allow us to bring some contributions for the charity.