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sunny wong dance union

How Wellness and Health Relate to Dance Studio and Dance School Hong Kong

Schools in Hong Kong are temporarily suspended and companies in the city have widely implemented Work from Home arrangements. In doing so, there is a need to reinvent a lifestyle that has emerged, which includes sustainable wellness routines within the boundaries of people's abode. With the increasing awareness in the Wellness and Health aspect, it often makes people wonder what exactly these things are. Dance studios and dance schools are becoming more popular among Hong Kong people to improve wellness and health.

Wellness is primarily being in good physical and mental health. Because mental health and physical health are so closely linked, problems in one area can impact the other. At the same time, improving your physical health can also benefit your mental health and other life domains, and vice versa. Dance studio hong kong can improve wellness. It is important to be aware that wellness is an intentional, ongoing, and holistic approach to making healthy choices in eight major areas of life functioning.

Dancing as a Fitness Activity and Dance Studio in Hong Kong

The question of attaining and maintaining good mental health has been at the forefront for years. As Hong Kong continues to strengthen its social distancing rules following the city’s fifth wave, this pursuit becomes increasingly entrenched in our daily lives.

Dancing can be a way to stay fit for people of all ages, shapes and sizes. It has a wide range of physical benefits. Therefore, many people see dancing as a fitness training activity and looking for dance studio Hong Kong. What are the benefits of dancing in terms of enhancing fitness?

1. Increase muscular strength, endurance and motor fitness by joining dance school

Some dance movements require muscular strength for control, graceful execution, and safety. Also, strength-training is effective to help children in gaining strength. With the continued practices and dance lessons in dance studio, it further helps their body to build endurance.

2. Improve balance and spatial awareness by dancing hong kong

Spatial awareness is important to everyone and is a major concern in child development in Hong Kong. People need this skill to understand our relationship to our surroundings, to move around without tripping over our own feet or walking into walls, and it helps us recognize objects even when we see them from different angles. Each day, we use this ability to walk around, get dressed or any other task involving motion. With the fitness training during dance lessons in dance school, this ability is constantly trained.

3. Manage weight by dancing hong kong

Managing a healthy weight is crucial for children. It has been observed that the number of children with obesity has continued to rise over the years and it is acknowledged that obesity in childhood poses immediate and future health risks. As parents, they should always help their kids to stay active. Through participating in the dancing lessons in dance school, children can exercise regularly. The dance practice during lessons could help children to keep fit.

Dance studio and dance school in Hong Kong

Dance Union is the leading dance studio for dance education. Not only do we offer dance lessons for different age levels, we also introduced the first-ever Vibe Open Class in Hong Kong for youngsters to learn different dance types.

It has been observed that teenagers enjoy using social media and they love to engage in things that allow social postings. In light of this, Dance Union designed the unique Vibe Open Class to further engage with students. In this special dance lesson, the whole class session, from the practising of different dance movements to actual performance, will be recorded. Students can retrieve the recordings and share them online or on their personal social media platforms after practising in the dance studio hong kong.

Another highlight of the dance course is its flexibility. The lessons in dance school feature multiple dance types, ranging from Hip Hop to Jazz Funk. And each style of dances will be taught by different professionals, ensuring students can obtain the most rewarding learning experience here.

There is another signature course at Dance Union which is the Children Dance and Talent Training Program. The target group for this course is younger kids ages between 3-10. Through the whole program in dance school, we hope to develop students' interests in dancing and help them to gain confidence by offering opportunities for public performance.

Dance Union, dancing school and dance studio in Hong Kong

Sunny Wong’s Dance Union dance school is located in North Point, near the centre of the business district. It is close to the MTR station and can be reached by bus network, meaning transportation is convenient. People can visit the studio with only a 5-minute walk from the North Point MTR station. We have around 10,000 square feet of space, in which the dancing room takes up about 4000 square feet. Moreover, the dance studio is well-equipped. The audio system employs professional concert equipment to meet the public's need for high-quality music. In addition, our studio installed adjustable high-pitch sound insulation panels.

Dance Union is dedicated to providing excellent dance education. In the meantime, Dance Union is also devoted to the promotion of the art and culture development in Hong Kong. It hopes to help the younger generation to explore their passion and interest, as well as to groom the young talents to be the backbone of the society. Feel free to reach out to us at +852 6558 1506 or email us at during office hours.

Dancing School, Dance Studio Hong Kong - Frequently Asked Questions

Parents are welcomed to visit our dance studio in North Point to learn more about the course details and sign-up for the dance classes. For more information regarding the sign-up procedure of dance school, please contact us at (852) 2893 3807 or Whatsapp (852) 6558 150, thank you!

Definitely. Dancing is seen as a fitness activity. If you dance regularly, it comes with many wellness benefits and keeping fit is just one of them. Feel free to contact us if you have other enquiries regarding the advantages of taking dancing lessons in our dance studio.

There is no age limit for learning dancing. Unfortunately, Dance Union only offers dance lessons to students ranging from 3 to 17. We will definitely open more lessons to cater the needs of different people in the future in our dance school. In the meantime, please stay tuned. Looking forward to seeing you in our dance lesson!

Yes, we offer rentals for dance studio Hong Kong. People can rent small, medium and large dance studios or rooms. For more information regarding the sign-up procedure, please contact us at (852) 2893 3807 or Whatsapp (852) 6558 150, thank you!